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It’s December!!! I absolutely love Christmas and am always a little (over)excited at this time of year.. we have our tree up and spent a lovely day on Sunday putting all the decs up and dancing around to christmas music.. just the four of us. I’ve started the present shopping but still have a way to go, not to mention all the extra bits. I hope you are feeling a little more organised?

I’m excited to say that I have a limited number of gift vouchers available for family photography sessions! Starting from £75 which would cover a midweek shoot and a couple of prints, and in increments of £10 after that.

If you think you’d like to treat someone.. maybe your husband/wife/partner who’s been wanting some pictures of the kids, or maybe a grandparent who you think would love this, then do get in touch here.

Vouchers will be printed, packaged and posted out to you, so make sure you order within plenty of time for Christmas!

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